Time passes in the grove.
Upwards it grows, sturdy and tall.
Leaves turn their colors, and rustle, and fall…


Flickering scenes before my eyes,
  myriad channels on display.
From life to life I shift my sight
  falling into half-feelings
  for each beat the stage can stay


—autoplay my days away,
refresh, retweet, check the craze today.
Some new bullshit gets my gaze to stay
but it’s gone by the morning anyway.

A Dream

Monsters among men have haunted us all
  of every race and creed.
So why do you foist on me their shame,
  why should I bear their deeds?

Starless Night

New York stands at the crossroads of the world,
   ever reveling in its own frenzy,
   ever frenzied by its own reveling.

Newborn Dreams

Did you see the moonlight shine
  or hear the gentle pulsing whine
  of a Newborn born free in this New World?