A Dream

Monsters among men have haunted us all
  of every race and creed.
So why do you foist on me their shame,
  why should I bear their deeds?
They are not me, I am appalled
  as wholly aghast as you
To imagine how any could do such a thing
  leaves me just as deeply confused

In ages past, children would bear
  the debts of their fathers unpaid.
And all their lives would toil and serve
  from their cradles until their graves.
The souls of children yet unborn
  are not a father’s to trade.
It is, forever, wholly unjust
  to ever be born a slave.

But the monsters whose debt you seek to claim
  were not even of my tribe.
Them my fathers only sought to oppose,
  who fought, and bled, and died.
Yet in your eye, from passing glance,
  my skin marks me a foe
Of all the good I work to serve,
  of all the Truth I know.

I am not ashamed of who I am,
  I owe to you no debt
But the bond of humanity that we all owe
  to all we’ve ever met.
And I will fight, as fought I have,
  on the side of humans, my kin.
And I dream that someday you might learn
  to see past the color of my skin.

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