Newborn Dreams

Did you see the moonlight shine
  or hear the gentle pulsing whine
  of a Newborn born free in this New World?

Did you see that tattered flag
  waving proudly, strong though sad,
  for its land of the free on the edge of the sword?

Did you see that hallowed ground,
  bodies of friend and family strewn around
  to pay the way of freedom for all?

Did you feel Liberty’s warm embrace?
Did you sail from afar to this Newborn Place
  to find a way of life to be proud to call yours?

Did you hear those Zeros scream
  or feel the heat of their fire rain
  to light our hearts for yet another war?

Did you dream the dream that lives
  that fights now still and that still gives
  hope of freedom to everyone who hears?

Did you hear those towers fall,
  or the outcry for blood at the call
  for Justice to soothe our blinding fears?

I did not see the moon that night,
  nor our tattered flag, nor our hallowed grief.
I did not hear the bombers’ flights,
  so I do not know, yet I believe
  in the glory of this story that we weave
  in this grand land of Newborn Dreams.

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